Bench Press Bar Bracket



Made with 1045 carbon steel, the Bench Press Bar Bracket holds a 200 kg weight per piece, i.e., 400 kg per pair.


The 65° angle enables a safer training, preventing the bar from falling from the equipment.


Coated in black PVC, besides cushioning impacts, it is not noisy nor peels, ensuring the equipment and the bar last longer.


Easy to install: You are able to attach the Bracket to the equipment with only 2 5/16" bolts.


For a better arrangement of the equipment, Emar offers the Bench Press Bar Bracket in two versions: Round Base (for round rods) and Flat Base (for square rods).


Besides being used in the Bench Press, the Bracket can also be used in several equipment, such as Squat Station, Barbell, Scott Bench, among others, according to the equipment manufacturer's creativity.


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